First Legal Records specializes in providing law firms, insurance companies, corporations, and third-party administrators with national records retrieval solutions. Our password protected client portal enables our clients to easily place, track, and download new orders. We host your records on a secure domain, so you’ll be able to relax knowing that your information is safe. With our years of experience,  your documents will be served and enforceable, no matter what jurisdiction you’re in.


When you have to take steps before records retrieval, First Legal Records will prepare all the documentation necessary. First Legal can guide you through subpoena preparation, whether your case is workers’ compensation, civil, or federal. We’ll provide appropriate notice to all required parties and research all custodians prior to service. First Legal also advances all witness fees and ensures timely service to custodians of record.

We hope to transform the way you think about the records process! Our national network of offices and preferred partners makes record retrieval easy and hassle-free. You place an order with us, and we’ll figure out how to produce your records as quickly as possible.

Tell us which services you’re interested in, and let us contact you!